KE6BXT's show notes for
Ham Nation (Episode 12)
August 9, 2011

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Orange County Fair

Gordon West's News behind the news, Introduction to the OC Fair

ARRL Convention at San Diego

Amateur Television at Field Day

Gordon West and Eagle1

What does it take to get on Amateur Television?

ATV DX with Tropospheric Ducting:

From Hawaii to California

The Amateur Television Network

Gordon West's News Behind the News


The Digital ATV QSO Party

8:00pm Friday August 26, 2011
1:00pm Saturday August 27, 2011

Amateur Radio Victoria Centenary

View streaming video from Australia and the ATN live

Inquiries about the world’s first DATV QSO Party on VK3RTV, at

Additional Amateur Television Resources:

Amateur Television Publications:
Amateur Television Quarterly (ATVQ) --
CQ-TV by the British Amateur Television Club (BATC) --

Amateur Television Network (ATN) --

Amateur Television Directory (ATD) --

Amateur Television in Central Ohio (ATCO) --
Digital DVB-S Amateur Television --

Orange County Amateur Radio Club (OCARC) --
Digital Amateur Television -- --
Be sure and check the Amateur Television page

Close the Amateur Television segment with video