KE6BXT's show notes for
Ham Nation (Episode 24)
November 1, 2011

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The Digital ATV QSO Party


8 PM on Friday August 26th in Southern California (USA).
1 PM on Saturday August 27th in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia).

Link to pictures from DATV QSO Party

DATV QSO Party 3 min, 52 sec video, 86,358 KB

Peter Berrett (VK3PV), of, did a great job of editing over three hours
of video down to a very interesting highlights video that last less than four minutes.

Additional video ( one hour) from the Digital ATV QSO Party can be downloaded from

DATV QSO Party Video Part 1
DATV QSO Party Video Part 2

ATV DX with Tropospheric Ducting:

From Hawaii to California

The world record long distance amateur television contact is 2518 miles from Hawaii to California.
This is of particular interest to me because on 10/18/2011 I was in Hawaii and met Paul Lieb (KH6HME)
and visited his beacon site where he transmitted the ATV signal.
If you look at the picture where I am carving my callsign in the door at the beacon site you will
see Gordon West's callsign (WB6NOA).

Orange County Fair

Gordon West's News behind the news, Introduction to the OC Fair
(Link to 2 min, 49 sec video, 53,982 KB -- CUT AT 2 min, 18SEC)
I have been demonstrating Amateur Television at the orange County Fair (and other fairs around southern California)
for over five years. Here's a few pictures of the ATV demo from this past year. We also did some prep for the Digital
ATV QSO Party by hooking up with Australia from the fair.

ARRL Convention at San Diego

Demoing ATV remote base operation. The interesting thing about this demo is that I didn't have line of sight to the
ATV repeater so I used my laptop computer to connect to and control my ATV station at my home in Mission Viejo.

Amateur Television at Field Day

Field day is Amateur Radios biggest day of the year and demoing ATV is part of the action.

Gordon West and Eagle1
(Link to 2min, 2 sec video, 3,054 KB)

Amateur Television at the Rose Parade

For many years Amateur Television provided parade officials and public safety a behind
the scenes look at the Tournament of Roses parade. This video is of a building fire,
one half block from the parade route. The Fire Chief was able to direct operations,
aided by real time video of the fire fighting effort.
Oh, by the way, I was holding the camera for this video.

Video of fire at Rose Parade
(Link to 1 min, 30 sec video, 55,912 KB)

The Amateur Television Network

A litle bit about the Amateur Television Network (Southern California Chapter).
This is the repeater system I will hopefully be able to get Leo patched into.

Gordon West's News Behind the News

Gordo's News-behind-the-news
CUT at 3min, 0 sec
(Link to 3 min, 40 sec video, 72,622 KB)
Gordo's news-behind-the-news
(Link to 1 min, 40 sec video, 31,684 KB)

Leo Laporte (W6TWT) Live on the Amateur Television Network

This is where I would like to let Leo make a few live QSOs with Amateur Television Network members over Amateur Television.

To do this I will switch my input to Skype from my camera to the output of the Amateur Television repeater on Santiago Peak.
I will patch the feed coming from the TWiT studio into my Amateur Television transmitter. When Leo is ready to transmit, I will
press the PTL (Push to Look) button and Leo's video/audio will appear on the ATV repeater. When Leo says "over" I will drop his
picture so that the TWiT studio (and Ham Nation viewers) can see the people coming back to him.

If other Ham Nation viewers want to participate during the normal Amateur Television Network Tuesday night net (7:30-8:00pm pacific)
they can call on Skype to ke6bxt-m and they can check into the net via Skype. Ham Nation viewers that wish to do this should monitor
the net at

Additional Amateur Television Resources:

Amateur Television Publications:
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CQ-TV by the British Amateur Television Club (BATC) --

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Amateur Television Directory (ATD) --

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Be sure and check the Amateur Television page

Amateur Television Yahoo Groups:
DigitalATV (Digital Amateur Television)
Ham-ATV (Amateur/Ham radio Television; all modes)
ATNC (Amateur Television of Northen California)

Close the Amateur Television segment with video

Gordo Christmas news
(Link to video, 1 min, 8 sec video, 21,758 KB)