2016 DATV QSO Party

The Sixth Annual Digital Amateur Television QSO party will be on again starting at 1000 UTC on Friday 23rd September.

Friday night in Melbourne will be VK only with contacts to VK2, VK3, VK4 VK5 and VK7.

VK3RTV will again be streamed on You Tube courtesy of Ralph Parkhurst, VK3LL.

(The YouTube link is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdog79SSdVg)

At 0000 UTC on Saturday September 24th
(that is: 5:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST on Friday, September 23rd) we will go to the ATV repeater WR8ATV in Columbus Ohio.

After a short break we will go to the W6ATN/W7ATN network in Southern California and Arizona.

Participate via Skype!
Any station in the US or AUSTALIA that would like to Skype in please send a skype request to Skype name
‘DATVQSOPARTY’ and you will be called in when a time slot is appropriate.

For more information on the 2016 DATV QSO Party, you can go to:

DATV QSO Party History

The first DATV QSO Party was held the last weekend in August 2011 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Amateur Radio Victoria
You can see video from the 2011 DATV QSO Party on Ham Nation Episode 24 and on Amateur Logic Episode 33.
(Additional video is available here. 2011 DATV QSO Party part 1 and part 2)
The second annual DATV QSO Party was held the last weekend in August 2012.

As in the past, the idea will be to bring up stations on VK3RTV-1 and VK3RTV-2 in Melbourne and patch them through to W6ATN in California
and also bring up stations on W6ATN in California and patch them through to VK3RTV-1 in Melbourne.
This year we will also be linking in the WR8ATV repeater in Columbus, Ohio, and GB3HV in the UK.

Open Chat Stream VK3RTV-1

Open Chat Stream VK3RTV-2

Open Chat Stream W6ATN

Open Chat Stream GB3HV

Open Chat Stream WR8ATV

The VK3RTV streams are coming from the Digital Amateur Television repeater located on Mt. Dandenong, about 45 kilometers from the city of Melbourne, Victoria (Australia) where the date and time is:
      Google Map

Input Frequencies:
1250 Mhz Analogue and
1255 Mhz DVB-S to VK3RTV1
1276 Mhz DVB-S and 10.41 Ghz Analogue to VK3RTV2
DVB-S inputs use 5000Ks.
Output Frequency:
446.5 Mhz, Bandwidth 7 Mhz
Transmits two multiplexed DVB-T standard channels,
(QAM16, FEC 2/3, Guard 2/3) ,VK3RTV1 and VK3RTV2.

The W6ATN stream is coming from the Amateur Television Network ATV repeater on Santiago Peak in Southern California where the date and time is:
      Google Map

Input Frequencies:
2441.5 MHz(FM)
434.0 MHz (AM)
435 MHz QAM-64
Output Frequencies:
1253.25 MHz (VSB)
5910 MHz FM

The WR8ATV stream is comming from the Amateur Television in Central Ohio ATV repeater in Columbus, Ohio
      Google Map

Input Frequencies:
439.25 MHz
1288 MHz(analog)
1288 MHz(digital)
2398 MHz
Output Frequencies:
427.25 MHz VSB
1258 MHz FM
1268 MHz DVB-S digital
10.350 GHz FM

The GB3HV stream is comming from the Home Counties Amateur Television Group ATV repeater near Farnham in Surrey

Don Hill, KE6BXT (small picture) checking Skype with Peter Cossins, VK3BFG (large picture)
in preparation for the DATV QSO Party.

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