2015 DATV QSO Party

Watch the review of the 2013 DATV QSO Party video

The fifth annual DATV QSO Party is scheduled for:
Friday August 21th in Southern California (USA). This will be
Friday and Saturday August 21th and 22st in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia).

All participants will be able to watch via streaming video on this website. (http://ke6bxt.com/datvqsoparty.

The first DATV QSO Party was held the last weekend in August 2011 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Amateur Radio Victoria
You can see video from the 2011 DATV QSO Party on Ham Nation Episode 24 and on Amateur Logic Episode 33.
(Additional video is available here. 2011 DATV QSO Party part 1 and part 2)
The second annual DATV QSO Party was held the last weekend in August 2012.
As in the past, the idea will be to bring up stations on VK3RTV-1 and VK3RTV-2 in Melbourne and patch them through to W6ATN in California
and also bring up stations on W6ATN in California and patch them through to VK3RTV-1 in Melbourne.
This year we will also be linking in the WR8ATV repeater in Columbus, Ohio, and GB3HV in the UK.

If you are not on Amateur Television you can still participate by connecting over Skype

To connect to the VK3RTV ATV repeater in Melbourne, Australia, connect to Skype name datvqsoparty.
To connect to the W6ATN ATV repeater in California, USA, connect to Skype name ke6bxt.
(It is recommended that you send a Skype contact request to either datvqsoparty and/or ke6bxt prior to the event.)

Open Chat Stream VK3RTV-1

Open Chat Stream VK3RTV-2

Open Chat Stream W6ATN

Open Chat Stream GB3HV

Open Chat Stream WR8ATV

The VK3RTV streams are coming from the Digital Amateur Television repeater located on Mt. Dandenong, about 45 kilometers from the city of Melbourne, Victoria (Australia) where the date and time is:
      Google Map

Input Frequencies:
1250 Mhz Analogue and
1255 Mhz DVB-S to VK3RTV1
1276 Mhz DVB-S and 10.41 Ghz Analogue to VK3RTV2
DVB-S inputs use 5000Ks.
Output Frequency:
446.5 Mhz, Bandwidth 7 Mhz
Transmits two multiplexed DVB-T standard channels,
(QAM16, FEC 2/3, Guard 2/3) ,VK3RTV1 and VK3RTV2.

The W6ATN stream is coming from the Amateur Television Network ATV repeater on Santiago Peak in Southern California where the date and time is:
      Google Map

Input Frequencies:
2441.5 MHz(FM)
434.0 MHz (AM)
435 MHz QAM-64
Output Frequencies:
1253.25 MHz (VSB)
5910 MHz FM

The WR8ATV stream is comming from the Amateur Television in Central Ohio ATV repeater in Columbus, Ohio
      Google Map

Input Frequencies:
439.25 MHz
1288 MHz(analog)
1288 MHz(digital)
2398 MHz
Output Frequencies:
427.25 MHz VSB
1258 MHz FM
1268 MHz DVB-S digital
10.350 GHz FM

The GB3HV stream is comming from the Home Counties Amateur Television Group ATV repeater near Farnham in Surrey

Don Hill, KE6BXT (small picture) checking Skype with Peter Cossins, VK3BFG (large picture)
in preparation for the DATV QSO Party.

Times for the fifth annual (D)ATV QSO Party, 2015

7:00PM, Friday August 21 and 10:00AM Saturday August 22, in Melbourne, Australia

2:00AM, Friday, August 21 and 5:00PM Friday, August 21 in California, USA

Friday night will be a VK hook up with remote stations using Skype to communicate with Peter VK3BFG as the anchor. Peter will then transmit them to VK3RTV which will be seen in Melbourne on 446.5 Mhz DVB-T and also on the British Amateur TV Club's streaming website. This means that amateurs anywhere in the world can watch the activity. Melbourne ATV stations will be able to transmit to VK3RTV using either 23cms DVB-S or Analogue FM. VK3RTV <----> VK4RKC We will take stations from VK4 this year via a Queensland Skype anchor Danny VK4KI taking signals from VK4RKC which is the Brisbane DATV Repeater. Signals from VK3RTV will be sent by Skype to Brisbane and then appear on VK4RKC. The VK hookup should include stations from VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5 and hopefully VK6 and VK7. The party will kick off at Friday at 0930 GMT with Peter VK3BFG acting as the main control station for the event. 0930 GMT Friday, 8/30/13 is: (2:30 AM Friday, 8/30/13 in California and Arizona, USA) (5:30 AM Friday, 8/30/13 in Ohio, USA) (7:30 PM Friday, 8/30/13 in Melbourne, Australia)
Send a Skype request to datvqsoparty to connect to Peter Cossins, VK3BFG, in Melbourne, Australia. Send a Skype request to atvqsopartyusa to connect to Don Hill, KE6BXT, in California.
Where ever possible, ATV stations should work through their local repeater. VK3RTV <----> WA8ATV On Saturday morning at 0100 GMT (Friday evening in the USA) we will link to the WA8ATV repeater in Columbus, Ohio via the local anchor Art Towslee, WR8RMC. Prior to that Peter VK3BFG will take a check in on VK3RML and also make contact with Art, WR8RMC 0100 GMT Saturday, 8/22/13 is: (5:00 PM Friday, 8/21/13 in California and Arizona, USA) (8:00 PM Friday, 8/21/13 in Ohio, USA) (10:00 AM Saturday, 8/22/13 in Melbourn, Australia) VK3RTV <----> W6ATN On Saturday morning 0400 GMT (Friday evening in the USA) we will again link up with the W6ATN network in Southern California via the local anchor Don, KE6BXT. All US stations (other than the ones in Ohio) should work through the Californian ATV network or Skype into Don, who will then send the video to Peter for distribution on VK3RTV1. In turn Peter will pick up local stations through VK3RTV1 (or remote stations via Skype) and send them to Don who will send them to the W6ATN ATV repeater. 0400 GMT Saturday, 8/22/13 is: (8:00 PM Friday, 8/21/13 in California and Arizona, USA) (11:00 PM Friday, 8/21/13 in Ohio, USA) (1:00 PM Saturday, 8/22/13 in Melbourn, Australia) We will also link up with Ken W6HHC in Orange County California who is going to give us an update on the DATV Express project and maybe a bit of show and tell. The DATV Express is a development to produce a cheap DVB-S transmit system. Any stations are welcome to participate ..

Send your Skype request(s) so you show up on the call list.

Send a Skype request to datvqsoparty for Peter and atvqsopartyusa for Don KE6BXT. Please provide your email address in your Skkype request. If you are able to work through a local ATV Repeater and then Skype the output to Peter or Don, all the better. If you are able to accept a Skype call and forward to a local ATV Repeater (ie act as an anchor) great !.

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